About Us

Established in 1988, KC Sheet Metal is the only sheet metal fabricator in the Cape Coral area.

We supply various types of material and produce quality custom fabricates for more than a thousand clients.

We also supply contractors for their clients’ projects in housing, roofing, electrical work, and welding.

Our main specialism is sheet metal work, including air-conditioning ducts and stove pipes, flooring and siding.

Our Location

After nearly 30 years in business, KC Sheet Metal has earned an excellent reputation locally and in surrounding areas. A great location and an absence of local competitors make KC Sheet Metal a fantastic choice for new contractors. Its’ prime location in an industrial park between the two main roads in Cape Coral also make it easy accessible.

Why Choose Us?

KC Sheet Metal is a name that is well known and respected, both in the industry and in the Cape Coral area. Our employees are flexible, creative and highly customer oriented, and we have established a reputation for quality and unique services which sets us set apart from our competitors.

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