KC Sheet Metal is your one-stop provider for parts and prototypes made of strong, durable, and brilliant sheet metals.

Sheet metals are used to make parts and components for nearly every industry imaginable and can be used to create complex metal parts of incredible strength and durability. Decorative, durable, and workable sheet metals have innumerable applications.

Using your precise specifications, we can form sheet metals into complex and unique shapes. Based on your design, requirements, and material preference, we will determine the right sheet metal production method for your project.

We offer the following sheet metal production methods:


Bending metals into shape


Hemming edges into metals


Seaming metals together


Stamping metals with designs


Punching holes and shapes into metals

We use steel, tin, nickel, copper, aluminum and a host of other metals to create metal parts of exceptional finish and capability.

We shape a variety of metals and alloys into complex and intricate prototypes, small-batch orders, and low-volume-production runs. Regardless of your project demands or size, we are ready to manufacture your sheet metal project quickly and efficiently.

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